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Are you in search of a reliable dog trainer and behaviour consultant for your furry family member?

Your quest ends here, as Newcastle and Lake Macquarie's premier professionals await you!


Boasting over two decades of expertise, we are not just trainers – we're passionate advocates for dog training and behaviour that will truly inspire you.


Rest assured, our methods are exclusively force-free and science-based, ensuring your beloved companion receives the best care possible.

At the heart of our approach is the belief in fortifying the bond between pet and owner.

Through trust, love, and mutual understanding, we pave the way for a harmonious relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Dog Training Newcastle NSW

Who we are

Hey there!


I'm Eve, the proud owner and founder of Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour services, with two decades of enriching experiences as a dog behaviour consultant and trainer in the beautiful Newcastle area.

My journey into the realm of animal behaviour training began at the tender age of 6.


Back then, armed with some saved-up pocket money, I eagerly purchased a mouse from the local pet store. Convinced that I could teach him an array of tricks, my initial attempt didn't go as planned (true story— the mouse made a daring escape within the house and was never caught!).


However, it's a joy to share that this early misadventure didn't deter me, and I've accumulated numerous success stories since those early days.

Here's a glimpse of my animal-centric accomplishments:


  • an accredited and certified Dog and Cat Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

  • Greenhound Assessors for Greyhounds in covering the Hunter area

  • a behavioural assessor for dogs who may be deemed menacing or dangerous dog

  • I help owners to train their assistance dogs 

  • I am a  'MindDog' assessor and trainer

  • I was the winner of the 2013 APDT and Black Dog Wear Scholarship

  • I am an educator and teach into the Cert IV in Animal Behaviour and Training


In an industry where credentials matter, I take pride in being a fully qualified professional.


Did you know that the dog behaviour and training industry in Australia is largely unregulated?


It's true! Anyone can claim to be a 'dog behaviourist or trainer' without any qualifications or experience.


That's why I've dedicated the past two decades to staying at the forefront of the field, attending conferences, workshops, and training courses.


My commitment to you?


Employing only science-based, positive reinforcement methods—because your canine companion deserves the very best.


Ready to embark on a transformative journey with your furry friend?


Let's connect!



  • The Adolescent Dog - One Day Online Conference, 2023, Fenzi Dog Sport Academy

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Conference, 2023, Hunter Valley

  • MindDog Assessors Workshop - 29 April 2023

  • Pounce! 2022, IAABC Foundation - 19 Nov 2022

  • The Puppy Lab, School of Canine Science - 13 Nov 2022

  • Aggression in Dog Conference, 30 Sept - 02 Oct 2022, Loose Leash Academy

  • Working with Reactive and Hyper-Aroused Dogs, Jul - Sept 2022, Fenzi Dog Sport Academy

  • Trauma in Animals Conference: 30-31 July 2022, Control the Meerkat

  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Senior, 14 May 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy

  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Adulthood, 07 May 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy

  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Adolescence, 30 April 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy

  • The Brain and Behaviour through life stages:  Puppyhood, 23 April 2022, Dr Kathy Murphy

  • Unpacking the emotional experience, 19 Mar 2022, Dog Centred Care

  • Geek Week: For the Love of Science, 13-17 Nov 2021, Pet Professional Guild

  • Aggression in Dog Conference, 22-24 Oct 2021, Loose Leash Academy

  • Geek Week: For the Love of Science, 11-15 Nov 2020, Pet Professional Guild

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2019, Hunter Valley
    (Peta Clarke, Dr Kate Mornement, Ken Ramirez, Dr Vanessa Rohlf, Michael Shikashio)

  • Learning about Learning, 2019, Professor Susan Friedman and Peta Clarke

  • Puppy School Essentials, 2019, Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes

  • Australasian Animal Training Conference, 2018, Wouter Stellaard

  • Improve your Training skills, 2018, Peta Clarke

  • Husbandry Training, 2017, Kat Gregory

  • Chicken Training Camp, Poultry in Motion, 2017, Terry Ryan

  • Operant Conditioning - 3 day Seminar/Workshop, 2017, Dr Bob Bailey

  • Introduction to Treibball Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)

  • K9 Nose Work Workshop, 2016, Newcastle (K9 Nosetime)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2015, Gold Coast
    (Dr Cam Day, Veronica Boutelle, Nando Brown, Chirag Patel, Malena DeMartini Price, Robyn Hood)

  • Working with Fearful dogs, Separation Anxiety, Dissecting the dynamics of dog-to-dog play, 2015, Brisbane (Nicole Wilde)

  • Unravelling the puzzles of behaviour, training and performance, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)

  • Understanding and helping the adolescent dog, 2015, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)

  • Behaviour Roadshow, Sydney, 2015 (AVBIG)

  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work 3 Day Seminar, 2015, Sydney (Jill Marie O'Brien)

  • Relationship Centred Training, 2014, Newcastle (Suzanne Clothier)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2014, Sydney
    (Veronica Boutelle, Pia Silvani, Debra Millikan & Debbie Calnon) 

  • Chaos to Calm Seminar, 2014, Newcastle

  • Working Dog Conference 2013, Sydney (University of Sydney)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2013, Melbourne
    (Dianne Garrod, Emily Larlham, Peta Clarke, Marion Brand, Jaime Jackson, Robyn Hood)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2012, Sydney
    (Grisha Stewart, Dr Sophia Yin, Pat Miller)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2011, Sydney
    (Kay Laurence, Dr Kersti Seksel, Dr Gabrielle Carter, Nic Bishop) 

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2010, Sydney
    (Ken Ramirez, Steve White and Peta Clarke)  

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2009, Sydney
    (Sarah Kalnjas, Dr Pam Reid & Dr Paul McGreevy) 

  • The Brave New World of Dog Training: Science with a brain and a heart, 2009, Sydney (Dr Roger Abrantes)

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2006, Sydney
    (Pat Miller, Dr Paul McGreevy, Dr Debbie Calnon, Karin Bridge & Peta Clarke)

  • Coaching People to Train their Dogs, 2005, Sydney (Terry Ryan, Canine Legacy)

  • Science Based Dog Training with Feeling, 2004, Sydney (Ian Dunbar, SIRUS Training) 

  • Australian Pet Dog Training (APDT) Australia Conference, 2003, Sydney (Patricia McConnell)


APDT | Dogaholics Dog Training
PPGA | Dogaholics Dog Training
Delta Institute | Dogaholics Dog Training


Rocky was having problems with other dogs when he was out walking in the neighbourhood.  We knew we needed help when Rocky went to bite another dog.  We thought we might have to re-home him.  Dogaholics were wonderful, they gave us techniques to use with Rocky and thank goodness, we didn't have to re-home him.
Sylvia D.

"We had been to another dog trainer before and they told us our dog was being dominant and we had to be the pack leader.  We did this for a while but our dog got worse so we found Dogaholics.

Dogaholics used kind and gentle methods which we were relieved about.  I was so happy that I didn't have to jerk my dog or pin him down when he did something wrong.  They made us understand the principles and how that would work on our dog.  

I would never use anyone else again."

Jack, Ashtonfield

"I can't thank Dogaholics enough for the help they gave my dog Teddy.  Teddy was aggressive to people coming into the home and Dogaholics showed us that Teddy was scared and frightened.  We thought he wanted to be the alpha dog but we were wrong.  He is now so much better and we are so relieved."

Janet, Adamstown

"Molly had been guarding her toys and food when we came to see Eve.  Eve explained why Molly was doing that and gave us exercises to go home with.  We saw Eve a few times and now Molly is so much better!
Jade, Hamilton
"We got Jezabell when she was 8 weeks old.  We hadn't had a puppy for a long time and Jezabell started to jump up on people, chew our furniture and shoes, she started to nip us on the hands and bark at everything!  Through a series of sessions we started to understand puppy behaviour and how to use positive training to teach her what we wanted her to do.  The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.  Thank you for all your help!"

Tess, Charlestown

"A very professional, caring and friendly dog trainer.  Excellent information which helped us with our dog.  We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them."

Paul, Carrington

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