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Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour Services, Newcastle NSW

Qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant
Newcastle, NSW

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We are highly qualified, professional and passionate dog trainers and behaviour consultants servicing the Hunter, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas for the past 20 years.

We love to help you solve your pet problems!

We offer a number of training and behaviour services for puppies, adolescent, adult and senior dogs.  See all our service offerings below and book an appointment with us today!


Puppy Training Newcastle NSW
  • Private Puppy Training

  • Group Puppy Pre-School

  • Behaviour Consultations


Adult Dog Training, Newcastle NSW
  • Private Dog Training

  • Behaviour Consultations

  • Group Dog Training


Specialised Dog Training - Assistance Service Dogs, Greenhound Assessments, School Support Dogs, Menacing and Dangerous Dog Assessments
  • Assistance/Service Dog Training

  • Greenhound Assessments (Greyhounds)

  • School Support Dog Training

  • Menacing/Dangerous Dogs

Cat Behaviour and Training, Newcastle NSW
  • Cat Consultations


Dog Training Newcastle
Don't delay in getting help today!



"I can't thank Dogaholics enough for the help they gave my dog Teddy. Teddy was aggressive to people coming into the home and Dogaholics showed us that Teddy was scared and frightened. We thought he wanted to be the alpha dog but we were wrong. He is now so much better and we are so relieved." 


Dog Training Testimonal

"We completed the Dogaholics puppy school and it was awesome!
The trainers had a caring and dog-centred training approach which our dog Alfred loved! Definitely recommend."

Siobhan G.

"Rocky was having problems with other dogs when he was out walking in the neighbourhood.  We knew we needed help when Rocky went to bite another dog.  We thought we might have to re-home him.  Dogaholics were wonderful, they gave us techniques to use with Rocky and thank goodness, we didn't have to re-home him."


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