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My funny cat stories


My husband and I have just come home from the grocery shopping – not exactly the most fun in the world, but we’d had a good time. We’re unpacking the groceries when all of a sudden the fridge and all of the appliances cut out. My husband goes off to check the electrical box whilst I finish unpacking. About ten minutes later he still hasn’t come upstairs, so I go to check on him. He’s still trying to sort the problem out but shoots me a grin as he flicks the switch at the electrical box. BANG! There’s a loud nose and my husband is thrown five meters right across the yard. I rush over to make sure he’s okay. “I think I just got an electric shock,” he says groggily. We call the electric company to sort out to the problem and they tell us to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. Once I get home I notice the power point in the hallway is wet. Why is it wet? Strange. Closer investigation shows that it’s soaked – one of the cats, Ginger Pop, had peed directly into it! If he was trying to kill my husband he picked a heck of a way to go about it. The Tree Episode Years back, I took my dog Kippa and one of the cats, Sherlock, for a walk. Sherlock’s the kind of cat who thinks he’s dog. It was a wet day and there was nobody around, so I let them off their leads in an enclosed area to play. They were running around, sniffing and investigating everything, when all of a sudden Sherlock remembered that he’s actually a cat after all. He saw a tree and, for the first time in his six years, climbed it. I was really proud of him, finally figuring out how to act like a cat. But things started to get a bit worrying. Five minutes went by. Then ten. Then fifteen. Oh dear, I realised Sherlock was stuck in the tree. I started to panic and put Kippa back in the car. Then I started to climb the tree myself, or at least try to. No such luck, and now poor Sherlock is frantic. Not thinking, I drove the car over to the tree and climbed up on the roof. So there I was, half standing on the car roof and half in the tree in the pouring rain. Eventually I got high enough into the tree that Sherlock could clamber down over me, digging his claws in all the way of course! Finally, with everyone back in the car I took a deep breath. The cat was traumatised and the dog looked at us both like we were mad. The Nudie Run This story is my favourite. One night I was woken up at 1am by the sound of the garage door opening. I was terrified so I woke my husband up and sent him to investigate. He was dazed and still half asleep, but off he went. Shortly afterwards he came back and reported that there was nobody there, and that Sherlock had been running around outside in the street. He must have gotten out when the garage mysteriously opened. So this starts happening every night. The garage door opens, my husband goes to investigate, doesn’t find anything and has to chase the cat down the street. The problem was, that because my husband was half asleep, he didn’t realise he was chasing the cat down the street in the nude! Eventually we figured it out. Sherlock was jumping into the car, pressing the garage door remote control and using it to let himself out of the house. Needless to say we shut the car windows now – it’s either that or the hubby gets arrested for indecent exposure! So if you have stories of your own or cats that need help, remember we are qualified Cat Behaviour Consultants that can help you with any issues you are experiencing with your cat. Go to our Cat Behaviour page for more information! We don't solve nude husband problems though! Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour Services (Dogaholics is a dog training and behaviour service located in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area of NSW.)


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